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How To Router Bit Cabinet Doors

Project Guide

  • Time Required: Under 2 hours

  • Difficulty: Beginner

Create a simple homemade game board that is durable, fun and functional. In addition to teaching you more about your tools, this project makes a great gift or just a unique game to play while spending time with friends and family.

Measure and Mark

Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the 2- x 2-foot plywood with a pencil according to the cut list.

  • One backboard: 12 1/2- x 20-inch
  • Two side sections: 2 5/8- x 20-inch
  • Two side sections: 2 5/8- x 14-inch
  • Four divider sections: 2- x 2 1/2-inch
Follow the Cut Diagram

See cut diagram for reference.

Make Cuts

Use a circular saw to the 1 last update 04 Jun 2020 cut the marks you just made on the plywood board.Use a circular saw to cut the marks you just made on the plywood board.

Tip: Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

Create Nail Pattern
  • Create the nail pattern by marking on the plywood and offsetting nails 2 inches apart (see diagram in step 5).
  • Drive nails into plywood.

Tip: Make sure the nails stop before sticking out the back of the plywood.

Build Frame
  • Lay the 20-inch pieces of plywood on the end of each side of the back panel, securing with the brad nailer.
  • Place the 14-inch pieces on the other ends of each side to complete the frame, securing with the brad nailer.
Attach Divider
  • Evenly space the four dividers on the bottom end of the backboard.
  • Secure using a brad nailer, nailing through the bottom part of the frame. Flip over and nail through back of plywood to completely secure.
  • Paint as desired
Attach Acrylic Sheet for 1 last update 2020/06/04 and Bottle Opener Attach Acrylic Sheet and Bottle Opener
  • Remove the plastic film from both sides of the acrylic sheet.
  • Drill 7/64-inch holes into each corner of acrylic sheet.
  • Place the acrylic sheet 3 1/4 inches up from bottom of the frame and secure with nails.
  • Center the bottle opener above the acrylic sheet and screw to the backboard.

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